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 Football Lovin' - Small Town Livin'

Hi, I'm Heather.  My husband, the coach and I both grew up in the same small town in rural Florida (population about 3,000.)  He always knew he wanted to be a football coach and his alma mater his dream job.  Right out of college we started our football journey which has now been close to two decades.  Like many of you know and live, "home is wherever football takes you."  Football has taken us to five different states.  It has been a roller coaster as I am sure you can relate.  We have gone from living in the middle of nowhere, roughing it as a junior college coach to having once in a lifetime experiences as a division one GA family.  For most of our journey we have lived the high school football life.

Last year we moved back to where it all started, our hometown.  He as the head football coach at OUR alma mater, coaching players whose parents went to school with us (can you say "full circle".)  Although I know our football journey continues we are grateful to be back to small town livin'.   We have been able to experience it all but for us, nothing beats a town where all roads lead to the field.

Sure it has its own challenges but it feels good to say I am now a small town coach's wife.  Maybe you can't take the small town out of the girl after all.  Whatever your story is I hope you are proud too.  This Coach's Wife Collection is for you, my fellow football lovin', small town livin' coach's wife.  Wear it loud and proud.  You have earned it (or if you haven't you will.)